Jack Pardue, PSA
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  2011 Box Top Artist for    
Great American Art Works Pastel Co.    
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I was recently chosen as the next Box Top Artist with the Great American Art Works Pastel Co. in Cincinnati,
OH. The Owner and President Bob Strohsahl told me that this was a great opportunity to be in a wooden box with my
name on it and still be above ground. Very funny, Bob! Several weeks ago I traveled to Cincinnati to choose the 78
colors that would make up the box of pastels. This was a challenge to say the least. I think that I've picked the right
colors that will make the set work in most plein air situations.

  Box Top Artist 2011
Great American Box Top Artist
Jack at Great American Art Works
Jack demoing using his Box

Diane, who works with Bob, was a big help in supplying me with every color that they produce. Picking 78
pastels out of more than 500 was very difficult. After I made my final decision on colors, I used the new set to paint
an adobe home from a photo I had taken years ago in Albuquerque, NM.

It will take several months before the box is in full production. My many students will appreciate the dark
warm greens in the set. See the photo of the box of colors just after I had finished my selection. I have included a
photo of the box top as designed by Bob. I'm very pleased with his vision. There is also a photo of Bob and me
after I finished the pastel painting. I gave Bob the painting to add to his fabulous collection of pastel art.

  Jack with his Box
Jack with his Box of Pastels

Jack's Pastels Box
Jack's Box of 78 Pastels
             When the box of pastels is ready for
           distribution, I will let everyone know.  I'm very excited
         about the possibilities.

  Jack with Bob
Jack with Bob Strohsahl and his painting

Jack's Painting
Jack's Painting for
Great American Art Works Pastel Co.