Jack Pardue, PSA
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  Artist Interview
  Technical Questions

circle What is your medium now? (oils, acrylic, pastel, watercolor...) What medium have you always wanted to use, but haven't yet? What mediums have you used in the past? Why do you prefer your current medium?

I mostly use pastel and I teach this medium in plein air workshops. I've used all mediums over the years, but I think at this point pastel is my favorite. The reason why I use pastels is because of the pure clean color and the fact that it is a dry medium and you can work more efficiently in plein air. Of course you have to know your color values to make pastel perform the way you want.

The "Artistic Process"

circle Do you think the specific art materials you use are critical to the success of your work? If so, why?

Yes, I do think pastel is a medium where I can really express myself. Because, the way that I use pastels is to handle them as if they were paint brushes. In other words, I try to "Paint" with pastels, not draw with them. I never use the pointed end of a pastel, only the broad side of the stick.

On the monthly paintouts, how do you decide what to paint? What draws your eye to a particular scene?

Well, that all depends on where that paintout is taking place. I think that we all have our own personal eye for a subject. I say that because when I'm doing a demo, students always say how did you see that picture and know that it was what you wanted to paint. The answer lies somewhere between your knowledge of what good composition and design, and some ethereal inner feeling that you may have about a subject.

circle What time of day are you most creative? Early morning? Afternoon? Early evening? Late at night? Which season do you feel most creative? Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer? Why?

I don't believe that you have to feel creative to do a good piece of work. That's a lot of hogwash. I love all the seasons for plein air work. However I prefer late Fall and Winter because of the long cast shadows.

circle How do you feel about critiques? Feedback? Or do you prefer to problem solve on your own? What are the three most important things you look for when critiquing a painting? Why?

I like critiques, but only from someone that I really respect in the art field. What good would a critique from someone who has no knowledge of painting or drawing etc. mean to a knowledgeable artist? In critiquing , the three things that I look for are drawing, Composition/design, Value. Without those three things, you had better go back to the drawing board.

"Working Environment"

circle Though most of us prefer working outdoors, do you prefer a studio where you live or maintaining a separate space? Why?

Yes I love painting outdoors, but I have a separate, detached building for my studio. It's about 650 square feet.

"The Artistic Life"

circle Can you describe a comical situation that occurred during one of your painting sessions that others would enjoy hearing?

Yes, When I was painting with the WSLP in Rock Creek Park a couple of years ago , I was approached by a guy on a bike. First let me tell you that I carry my art supplies around in a large cooler that has wheels on it. Well this guy stops his bike and I'm thinking maybe he is interested in buying my painting. So I say how are you today? He says fine. You got any beer in that cooler. I said no, just art supplies. He says, "that a damn shame" and road off without saying a word about my painting. Oh well I guess he didn't have a thirst for art, only for beer.

circle Let's talk about the creativity - where do you think the need to"create" comes from? (spiritual. intellectual, physical, etc.)

I think it is just something inside us that really can't be described. Maybe it is a feeling that we want to leave our mark on society for generations to come.

"Personal Art History"

circle When did you first want to become an artist? (And when did you realize you were one?) Did you draw or paint as a child? What were your subjects?

When I was 7 years olds, I was drawing everything and I knew what I wanted to do. My favorite subject as a kid was drawing old time cars, the one with the spokes in the wheels.

circle If you could travel anywhere to paint, where would you go and what would you like to paint?

Scotland, and to paint whatever strikes my fancy.